Because of Lauren: A Love Story

Because of Lauren: A Love Story

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Lauren Hart is a rising young Manhattan business executive. After a visit to her mother's homeland of Norway, she is enchanted with the beautiful country and its people. 

One day she receives an email from her aunt saying she has been contacted by a man in Norway claiming to be a distant relative. Having never hear of him, Lauren is skeptical, but feels compelled to seek him out in the hopes of discovering a faith connection to Norway.

Jonas Juul is a man who has experienced his share of life's sorrows and challenges. Having lost his father at a young age, he knows almost nothing about that side of the family. Curious to know more about his background, he decides to research his family tree and discovers a large extended family in America.

Life takes an unexpected turn when Jonas meets the lovely and gracious Lauren Hart. Even though there are challenges, the distant cousins develop a warm relationship. Exploring their families' past, they discover disturbing, hidden events from long ago, and find common ground when they uncover the strangely interwoven lives of past generations of their families. Can the young couple find solutions to their differences and create a happy future together?